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Searching for the perfect gifts for a special person can sometimes feel impossible. Whether you're looking for something unique, elegant and meaningful or just fun and humorous, browsing malls and gifts shops for the ideal present often times leaves you empty handed and frustrated.


Welcome To Coaster ART!

Coaster ART is your destination for quality personalized gifts. We are the first company in Malaysia that produces premium quality high water absorption Ceramic Coaster with Swiss Printing Technology. Your number one choice for custom made coasters in Malaysia!

Right here at Coaster ART, we use sand, silt and natural clay which are more environmental friendly compare to synthetic clay that are harmful to the environment and not suitable for food and beverages product. At the same time, our ceramic coaster is made using finer particle technology to produce high water absorption and smoother surface coaster.


What Are Coasters?

Coasters are small, flat pieces which are utilized in homes and restaurants as a place for beverages to be set down. Coaster helps to prevent damage to the tables from condensation. Apart from that, these drink coasters may be used as decorative purposes.





Branding YOUR Organization with Coasters

Coaster marketing is perfect since coasters are essential in restaurants. Due to the visibility at the tables, you may support YOUR brand with coasters printing! Customized coasters with your company logo, symbols, or tagline are able to help customers notify and remember you. Add your company information such as a website and phone number; it can help promoting repeat business.

In truth, it is not unusual for restaurants to present reasonably-priced coasters to their clients, and the clients can use them at home. Having your company brand and contact information in their home is the perfect way to help them remember the good experience they had when they visited your establishment.


Personalized Coaster Printing!

Coaster ART Ceramic Coaster represent stylish, classy and exquisite look and feel at first impression. Our printed coaster drink is a great high-impact promotional product. Vivid and hard-wearing, this Ceramic Coaster will stay with your customers for a long term. The surface area of a coaster is large, and it is the perfect opportunity to print your logo or message.


Options That Are Available

Choose from Round, Square or Heart Shaped Ceramic Coaster for your design. Here at Coaster ART, we offer customized coaster printing that can be catered to any design and style that you desire.


Why Choose Coaster ART?

Coaster ART is a combo of affordable price and excessive quality. We are the premium gifts suppliers in Malaysia manufacturing personalized gifts, customized gifts and promotional gifts according to the customer’s needs and designs. Our team at Coaster ART will work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the products that you receive.

From coaster printing, up until custom made gifts, we have it all HERE; at Coaster ART! Your quick stop for online gifts Malaysia!

We have other variation of customized gift:

  • Alphabets & Numbers
  • Cake Toppers
  • Cloud Tag / Cloud Plaque
  • Couple Hangers
  • Key Holder
  • Name Block
  • Word Tag / Chair Tag


So What Are You Waiting For?