Make Your Own DIY Coasters!

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Well~ Well~ Well~

If you don't have one, MAKE ONE! That's the spirit.

Coasters are just what everyone needs when it comes to dining table. It keeps your drink steady and placed while adding a decorative touch at the same time. It's all explained here.


Sometimes you need a personal one; ones that you can make without all the shopping hassle. See how you can make your very own coasters with these 7 fabulous ways!


You'll need:

1) Blank tile coaster (or any 4"x 4" blank surface)

2) Mod Podge (it's an all-in-one glue, sealer and finisher)

3) 4"x 4" paper design of your choice (or fabrics)

4) Clear acrylic spray

5) Hot glue (depends)


Check out the image below for details & let's get coaster-ing! #DIYCoasters



So which one is your pick? That DIY Fabric Coaster is definitely the easy one.

DIY is definitely fun stuff to do. Get your kids involved and do it together. Use all the leftover stuff and turn it into something meaningful. Last but not least, save you bucks!

But, careful!

And be very aware of the mess and the scatter it might cause. Keep an eye of your children too especially around hot glue and acrylic spray. Study the steps beforehand and carefully organized your work space so that every process is smooth and enjoyable.

Don't forget to have fun! ;)

Happy coaster-ing~!



And if you wanna save the time and troubles, ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED COASTERS HERE!

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