9 Useful Tips for Coaster Design

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There are tons of coasters design out there you can look up to and trust me, we did.

But how does it really works? Did you just print your logo on the coasters and that's it? Well... nope.

Coasters are great ways to market your brand and create awareness about your business however you have to be very careful with your strategy and—obviouslyYOUR COASTER DESIGN!

So before you rush out to print out your coasters and unknowingly regret it later, consider these tips:


1) Define your main goal

Start with defining your marketing purpose. Is it to get your brand recognized? Get more likes on Facebook? Or spreading message about your business?

Your goal should be your coasters!

This one's goal is clearly stated! Image Source


Don't Think Alone coaster design
This one requesting one to read... Image Source


2) Recognize your targeted audience

Who is your targeted audience?

Are they sports fan? Place your coaster at the sports bar.

Are they average shoppers? Put them in cafes at the mall.

Are they chocolate lover? Place the coasters at the dessert store.

table coaster table coaster
See how coasters just work for the table? Image Source 1 | 23


Even better: if you own your very own restaurant, coasters are perfect to promote your best seller appetizer or your all-time-fav drinks/desserts. So your customers can see them and consider ordering. Just saying~


3) Hold up  Make a copy of your design

Before you cracking up Ai, get together with your team first to brainstorm and come up with a standout coaster designs.

Create a rough sketch of your ideas to ensure your messages get along well with the design.

sketch design sketch designs
Sketch on for interesting outcome! Image Source 1 | 2


BRILLIANT TIP: Get a vote from your other colleagues and squeeze out their ideas! (don't forget your boss opinion as well)

EVEN BETTER: Set up a competition for coasters design with yummy prizes (like iPhone X or whatever). This way your brand will be initially recognized through the contest. Save you lots of time and energy since there are plenty of talented folks out there!


4) Design both sides of coasters

Coasters are either round, square or heart shape (like ours) so make sure to fully use them up! People usually love flipping around coasters out of curiosity, so print your brilliant design on both sides. Or feature a different design on each side.


Design both sides Design both sides
Like these ones! Image Source 1 | 2

Worst case scenario is if the blank side of your coaster is used instead of the fully printed side. Noooooo~ 


5) More >1 designs!

Don't just settle with one design. Create more than one interactive designs. Make it irresistible so that your audience will want more!

See how the colors played well? Image Source

Also, produce your multiple coaster designs per season or during special occasion. That way, it can be collectible and everyone just had to collect them all!

Summer, christmas, springyour coasters should match them all too. Image Source 1 | 23


6) Make it collectible

Speaking of collectible, design your coasters to make it in form of group or in pair. Perhaps in set of 4 or 6.

Who doesn't want all? Image Source 1 | 23


Your artwork works too as coasters! Image Source 1 | 2

If you're an artist or designer, coaster art is definitely a way to go. Designing coasters in group will provide choices for your audience and fans. Your artwork is now spreading and don't forget to promote yourself too! #marketing


7) Make it a conversation piece

Yes! Imagine a group of people dining in a nice restaurant, as they're waiting for their food, they may come across your coasters. Wouldn't it be nice if your coasters are printed with puzzles or funny questions?

Like these....

conversation piece conversation piece
Funny! Image Source 1 | 2

TIP: You can insert this condition to your competition's rules. See #3


8) Attractive design & colours

Be very aware of colors and your design. Decide on a color theme or go bravely bold. Either way, make sure your coasters really pop out so consumer will actually want to use it.

Colors, colors and more colors! Image Source 1 | 23

Useful and pretty? Sounds like what coasters are meant to be.


9) Include call to action (CTA)

Make the request in your coaster. Insert CTA to your website or social media. Perhaps an invitation to holla at you. Your CTA can also be: 

- Call us today! 

- Checkout our Website!

- Follow our Social Media 

Like these folks...

Image Source 1 | 23

It's the perfect opportunity to create brand awareness and at the same time, get connected with interested and potential customers.


There you go!

Hope these tips helped you out & somewhat gives you ideas on how to design your coaster! Happy coaster-ing~

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