7 Facts You Need to Know About Coasters

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Ok, my lunch break ends in 5 minutes, WHAT IS IT?

This won't take long—promise!

But ever wonder why your guest might insisted on coasters or why every home needed one or two (or ten)?

Here are the answers and some of the facts YOU need to know!


1) Coasters Keep Your Table Ring-Free

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Coasters save you all the trouble from having a water ring every time you're having cold drinks. Keeps your table clean (and decorated) too!


2) Tools to Protect Your Furniture (and Gadget)!

You know you like bringing your drinks, ice cream bowl or your coffee mug around the house—that's how we roll—but how waterproof is your furniture? And your laptop right next to your drink?


Coasters makes it safe you put around your glass. Just buy a few & spread them around the house. Your work station, TV area, libraryANYWHERE.
Having coasters ready makes it convenience for you and your guests too!


3) Coaster is Made of Various Materials of Coasters

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Wood, tin, ceramic—you name it. The thicker the coaster, the better. Since it'll absorb more water from your sweaty drinks.

DID YOU KNOW? Right here at Coaster Art we use sand, silt and natural clay which help us to produce high Water Absorption ceramic coaster!


4) Various Coaster Shapes & Sizes—FUN!

If you haven't check out our SHOP yet, you're missing out!

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There are tons of coasters style, shapes and sizes out there. Round coaster, square coaster—love shaped as well—all these funky shapes can give your dinner table a bit of a turn.


5) Coaster Can Be Used for Marketing Strategy


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You should definitely take a hint when your neighbor's throwing a party or event—sponsor a few coasters!

It's perfect; people enjoying party, your coasters keeping the table clean and YOUR LABEL IS ON IT.

See our previous post for details!


6) Coaster THEME is THE BEST!

Wait, we've talked about this before, right? Yes we did!

I mean, obviously, having a themed coasters on your table makes dinner time so much fun. Just look at these Harry Potter inspired coasters!

 Image Source



Image Source

Coasters are GREAT MEDIUM to express your creativity. Let your imagination runs wild & turn your artwork into a coaster. Or produce it in set!

If you're in art business, produce your work/design in more than one coasters so it would be collectible!

Or if you no artist (but still creative), you can just simply print one of your own—anytime. 

Decorate your table and express your creativity!


There you go! 

7 facts you need to know about coasters which most of us are already familiar with *wink*

Happy coaster-ing!

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