5 Easy Ways You Can Use Coasters

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Coasters are made for the table—no doubt—but hey, a little bit of creativity can go a long way and save you tons of time and money. If you're wondering what else you can do with your personalized coasters OR how to decorate them and utilize them; here's the ideas:

1. Living Room Decoration


Flowers are too mainstream (no, not really) but adding a coaster stand right at the top of your coffee table or TV cabinet is definitely one of a kind. You can always print your own version like this one!

2. Important Date / Year


One for the office desk too! As a reminder how far you have been in your business (or anniversary). You can print out your company's establishment date or any important date that you wish to remember. Perfect as a personalized gift.

3. Kitchen Decoration


Of all the places huh? But why not? It's what made it feels home.

4. Celebration Gift (Teacher's Day, Mother's Day etc)


Well, it does not necessary had to be on Teacher's Day, any day would do. This coaster and its stand will do great to remind your teacher how great they are.


Mommies too! I love you, mom! Here's a reminder of your kids' name, in case you forget, kidding! But seriously...

One for grandma too! We didn't forget about you, grandma. You can always come out with a funny quote or nicknames for your loved ones. Unless your grandmother is a scary one, then don't!

5. Wall Decoration


This. Is. Too. Sweet. Isn't it gorgeous? If your coasters are too precious to be set down on the table, then this is a perfect idea. Works as a gift too; both unique and charming!

There you go!

Hopefully these simple ideas are able to help you to come up with your own unique ideas using coasters. At the end of the day, what matters are the efforts and sincerity you put in your work.

Wait...what, there's more? Let us know at the comment below. Have a nice day!

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